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Utah Symphony And Utah Opera Merger

RJFT Task 2Iesha ArmourA.
1. “Before the merger the Utah Symphony dealt with many financial issues. A major financial weakness with the symphony is its inability to negotiate the salaries of the employees. All of the symphony’s employees are under contact which leaves them with the financial burden of having topay salaries regardless of the ticket sales. A financial strength of the symphony was the aboveaverage endowments. The symphony was considered to be at the high end of a Group II symphonyorchestra and received an above average endowment for its status. A leadership strength for the symphony was the fact that they had two leaders, one for its musicians, Keith Lockhart, and Scott
Parker, who was the chairman of the board. The symphony’s CEO announced his resignation in
2002, which is a leadership weakness. Having to replace a CEO in an organization like the symphony is a difficult task. Finding a professional and seasoned individual to be the CEO of thesymphony was a major issue for them during this time of duress.Symphony Weakness Symphony StrengthsContracted employees (financial) Above average endowment (financial)Resignation of CEO (leadership) 2 Leaders (leadership)A1a. Key steps Anne should take to address the weaknesses to ensure a successful start of themerger will be:
• Analyze the current financial status of the symphony by looking at the ticket prices and determine how to keep the sale price close to their current rate. Figure out a way to eliminate deficits andmaintain the above average endowment. As far as their leadership, keeping the music director as
Keith Lockhart would be wise being that he is familiar with the staff members and the musicians.
• After analyzing the financial and leadership positives and negatives, Anne would need to develop an action plan in order to better the problems and...

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