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Task 3 Community Health Wgu

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Community and Population Health

By Malka Molly Hayman, RN

Task three

Communicable disease outbreak of the Measles

Communicable disease outbreak occurs when there is a larger then expected incidence of a disease. It can affect a small group or thousands of people in a region. In some instances even just two independent cases can lead to an outbreak, eventually leading to an epidemic, or pandemic which refers to a global outbreak. Measles is a communicable disease that is highly contagious according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The good news is that it is a preventable disease, because there is a vaccine that is available to prevent people from contracting it. One complication that arises is when some people refuse to immunize their children, (sometimes due to religious reasons or other beliefs) then the risk of an outbreak certainly increases. Another complication is when false information circulates, (for example there was a case where someone claimed that a particular immunization could cause Autism), then people tend to jump to conclusions and are quick to blame others, rather than do their due diligence. Additional complications arise in poor countries where immunization is not readily available, and in cases like these an outbreak is more highly possible.

Measles has the following epidemiological indicators which show that it is considered a highly infectious, acute viral illness that is typically confirmed via lab tests. Typically a rash will develop which is known as maculopapular, and will typically last more than three days, in conjunction with a fever of greater than 101 degrees Fahrenheit (CDC, 2004). Data is generally analyzed by the CDC, based on reports from both local and state-wide health departments and the “variables include vaccination status, age, complications, transmission setting and serologic confirmation of…...

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