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Task Sheet 2 - Reading 2 - Buyology Ch 8 a Sense of Wonder Selling to Our Senses

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Task Sheet 2 - Reading 2 - Buyology ch 8 A SENSE OF WONDER Selling to Our Senses
A - Text related questions
The author argues that when it comes to advertising, sight is the most important of senses. True or False?
What is ‘sensory branding’?
Companies are discovering, they’d be better of not just inundating us with logos but pumping fragrances into our nostrils and music into our ears. It is sensory branding.
In the first experiment, what happened when the image and the fragrance didn’t match up?
Subjects rated the image-fragrance combinations to be more appealing than either the image or the fragrance alone.pleasantness quotient dropped.
What are mirror neurons (you will have to research this outside the text)?
Mirror neurons represent a distinctive class of neurons that discharge both when the monkey executes a motor act and when it observes another individual (a human being or another monkey) performing the same or a similar motor act ( Figure 1). These neurons do not discharge in response to the simple presentation of food or of other interesting objects. They also do not discharge, when the monkey observes hand actions mimicked without the target object. Thus, the effective visual stimulus is the observation of a hand interacting with an object (Gallese et al. 1996, Rizzolatti et al. 1996a).
Why do supermarkets have bakeries close to their entrances?
Not only does the fragrance of just-baked bread signal freshness and evoke powerful feelings of comfort and domesticity but store managers know that when the aroma of baking breador doughnuts assails your nose you will get hungry. to the point where you just may discard your shopping list and start picking up food you hadn’t planned on buying.
How does the author explain the rise in popularity of brown eggs? Do you find his explanation convincing? Why?
Consumers think that brown eggs are more...

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