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Task Statement : Receptionist

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Task Statements: Human Resource Receptionist
Student Name

What action is being performed (verb) To whom/what is the action directed (receiver of the verb) How is the action performed (procedure, tools, equipment) Why is action performed (purpose)
Maintain Personnel files System database and file folders Organization
Review and process Forms Computer Retrieve and update information
Assist Public and employees Company policy and procedures Give information
Answer Incoming calls Multi-line switchboard Direct to appropriate employee or department
Screen Visitors Log book Assist with questions and direct to appropriate person
Monitor Staff time and payroll items Timesheets and log sheets Accurate payroll processing
Handle HR Director’s calendar Calendar in MS Outlook Time management and Coordinate schedules
Receive Office mail and package deliveries Proper Sorting Distribution

Task Statements
1 Maintain personnel files using system database and file in respective folders for organization of files.
2 Review and process forms for personnel changes using the computer system to retrieve and update documents and information.
3 Assist the public and employees by providing company policy and procedures to ensure correct information is given.
4 Answer incoming calls using a multi-line switchboard to direct call to appropriate employee or department.
5 Screen and welcome visitors by signing the log book to direct to appropriate person and assist with any questions.
6 Monitor staff time and payroll items on timesheets and log sheets to have accurate information in processing payroll.
7 Handle HR director’s calendar by updating calendar in MS Outlook for time management and coordinate schedules and appointments.
8 Receive office mails and package deliveries by properly sorting to be distributed to the right persons.

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