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Base on these two brand, the significant factor in the use value from Karl Marx (Theories of Surplus Value, Marx, 1972) and sign value from Jean Baudrillard ( For a critique of the political economy of the sign, Baudrillard, 1981) have clearly be shown. As Rolex is an expensive brand within the watches market, to the upper class , they can afford the price set by Rolex, purchasing this item won’t affect their daily livelihood. In fact, even watches are one of the daily necessity in terms of time checking, different brand’s watches are able to provide same basic information about time, however, Ice Watch , the brand in low price range but provide the same basic function of a watch, have a totally different effect on the influence of social role to the society.Lower class people have no enough economic capital to buy Rolex , but for them , they just need a timepiece , to notice the time ,so for them , they need a watch, the Use Value, the basic ability of an object to meet a human need (Theories of Surplus Value, Marx, 1972) . Upper class people is wealthy and enjoy the identity given by the goods they are using , to show that they have good taste, so they are not focusing on the function of a watches, they are focusing on the name and price of the product, the Sign Value, the value of the object goes beyong function, the object acts as a sign of the owners status, taste and identity. ( For a critique of the political economy of the sign, Baudrillard,...

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