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Tata Nano Rmd Project

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A questionnaire was administered to 74 survey respondents. The target respondents were mostly people who had either bought a small car/sedan/SUV in the past or intended to buy one in the near future. Most of them fell in the ‘middle class’ category which also included lower and upper middle classes. Respondents were selected from a mix of Tier I and Tier II cities namely-Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Trichy, Kancheepuram and Pune. The questionnaire is available in the Appendix section.


Demographic details of the respondents:


Respondents from all age groups were selected to identify how age influences awareness and attitude towards the NANO. The split up is as above.


Around 35% of the respondents in the sample were female, as illustrated below:

Annual Income:

Annual incomes ranging from Rs. 2, 50,000 to Rs. 17, 00,000 were taken to include lower to upper middle class income groups. The annual incomes of the selected respondents are as below:

Number of family members:

Data on the number of family members present in a family was also collected to check if there was any dependence between the number of family members and the customer preferring/not preferring a NANO.


The various factors affecting the perception and acceptance of the customer towards NANO were analyzed using regression techniques via SPSS. The main aim of this regression analysis was to analyze the relationships between a set of dependant and independent variables. The results are as follows:

It was found that gender did not play any role in making the customer include the NANO in his/her consideration set or not. The results are as follows:

| Model | R | R Square | Adjusted R Square | Std. Error of the Estimate | 1 | .068a | .005 | -.009 | .491 | a. Predictors:...

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