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Tawhid: Belief in One God

Apologetic Paper (Joseph Smith) - May 1995

The Muslim View
The Christian Response
What the Scriptures say
The history of the word 'Trinity'
'Trinity' defined
Common misconceptions
Can 1+1+1=1?
Is Jesus not merely human?
The ignobility of God's humanity
Was Jesus begotten?
Where was God when Jesus was on Earth?
Is Mary God?
Is the concept of the Trinity not borrowed from a pagan source?

A: Introduction

A few years ago I received a letter from a colleague in India who had been approached by two Muslim teachers, in Bihar, with the request for: "A statement of Christian faith which would compare with the five principles of Muslim teaching."
This list concerns The Beliefs of Iman, a group of five to six beliefs which all Muslims must adhere to, and which has, consequently become a sort of 'Statement of Faith' for the Muslim religion. The list includes the:

belief in One God (Allah)
belief in the Prophets
belief in the Holy Books
belief in Angels
belief in the Day of Judgment
belief in the Decrees or the Predestination of God (Allah).
I decided to write a Christian response to the six beliefs. This is the first response, concerned with the belief in one God (Tawhid). Because this paper is initially written for Muslims, it must be made understandable to them. For that reason I have left out many Christian religious terms which they would not be familiar with, and have kept the parameters of my response within the context of the positions espoused in the six beliefs of Iman. It is, therefore, not comprehensive; and for some Christians, perhaps simplistic. My desire is, however, that my position will be helpful in creating a platform from which both Muslims and Christians can begin a dialogue, with the hope that further discussion will ensue.

Let me commence by outlining their…...