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Tawny Owls

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The Tawny Owls are found throughout Europe and North Africa. They are also found eastwards to Iran and Western Siberia. The Tawny Owl can range in colors from darkish brown, light brown, gray and darkish red. They have big black eyes. The Tawny Owl also has a small pointy nose and small curved claws. The claws are blackish with dirty white bases. The owl’s habitat usually varies. They like to live in mostly wooded and forest-like areas like cemeteries and parks. The Tawny Owls almost always breed in woodlands and forests. They like to inhabit coniferous forest. The Tawny Owls are always hunting at night. They are usually quiet listening, waiting and watching for their prey. When the owls spot the animal, it swoops down, covers the prey and instantly kills it. The animals they eat are rabbits, mice, voles, earthworms, insects, beetles, birds, frogs, fish, lizards and molluses. Since the Tawny Owl is relatively a small bird, it has a number of predators. Those predators are usually dogs, cats, and foxes. But it also includes hawks, eagles, and other large birds. As far as the Tawny Owl eggs, the main predators are squirrels and rats. In conclusion, the Tawny Owl can be known as a small owl. It hunts at night. They have predators but also a long list of prey. They are very meticulous while hunting. In fact they rely on their sight and hearing to kill their prey.


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