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Tb 133, Lab 4 (Jung/Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment)

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Lab 4

Task 1: Jung/Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

“E” for Extroversion - Very outgoing and love interacting with people with the hope that I will be the center of attention.

“N” for Intuition – Not very detail oriented, rely on gut feelings, a person who lives in the future and often gets bored once they have mastered a task.

“T” for Thinking – Very logical people, this type does not make decisions based on their feelings. They do not take other values into consideration when making a decision. Easily identify the flaws of others. Can also be insensitive and lacking compassion?

“J” for Judging – Very orderly people with great structure in their lives. This type of person is good at setting and sticking to their goals. Very seldom, would play before their work is done.

Eight possible Tips:

“E” 1. Discuss new ideas and plans with fellow students.

2. Establish debates or discussion groups with fellow students.

“N” 1. Describe how the information received could help others.

2. Viewing new information as a challenge could be helpful when in school.

“T” 1. Putting things in order can be helpful when in school, work, ect.

2. Remaining focus can also be a helpful tool to have while in school.

“J” 1. Prioritizing task that will need to be completed can be helpful even with something like homework.

2. Setting a schedule and sticking to it can be very helpful and useful as a student.

Task 2: Dominant Intelligence

Body / Kinesthetic (Body Smart)

Description: Enjoys moving around and working hands on with things.

3 types of study tips are: Moving fingers under words while reading. Move or rap while you learn, pace and recite. Finally create a living sculpture.

Task 3: Discussing an intelligence

Interpersonal (People Smart) Strengths, would be there great communicators with other people, they have great leadership skills. Weaknesses would be these types of people probably don’t get much time alone. They probably would not be good at working under someone else.

Study tips for the above would be:

Discuss information

Use flash cards with others

Teach someone else.

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