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Company History

TD bank for more than 150 years, has been providing excellent customer service .They have a model of wowing the customer. This wow Factor has bin embedded in the the Td culture since the beginning the bank.The bank first opened in 1852 as Portland Savings Bank in Portland, Maine. Later on grew through many mergers and became Peoples Heritage Bank in 1983. The opportunity for expanstion came up ,as Peoples Heritage Bank, by going through some acquisitions, there growth grew deeper into New England and took the name Banknorth.
In Cherry Hill, New Jersey-based company called Commerce Bank was turning heads and getting a lot of attention. The customers that they had already were turning into fans as America’s Most Convenient Bank. Commerce Bank was Founded in 1973,The founder Vernon Hill was a CEO of a well know food chain called Burger King. Commerce Bank rapidly grew over the next 35 years into Philadelphia. New york ,south florida and Washington DC. Since the CEO was from burger king he brought many of his traditions to Commerce. For example longer house and being customer friendly and giving them what customer want. In this model commerce , began winning new customers with WOW! service and convenience.
Bank north, In 2004 began to caputure the attention of many other banks. In doing very well and being one of the top 10 banks in the Unites states. In doing this it grabbed the attention of TD Bank group of Toronto. TD bank group shortly after became a large Shareholer in Banknorth. IN 2007 TD bank group complelty purchased BankNorth. In that aquistion it became TD bank North .

TD bank north didn’t want to stop there, on March 31,2008 it purchased commerece bank. In that purchase TD bank group compelety changed their logo and rebranded them self’s. After the purchase becoming TD Bank ,Americans most convenient Bank.In 2010, the south Financial...

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