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Tea in My Cup

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Accounting Format – Cells above each other hundreds/tens/ones place
Custom Value: positive value; negative values; zero; text [green]?”$”;[red](?);”ZERO!”;”Why text?” - Use @ for numbers typed AKA repeat back

Ctrl + : to get current time
Ctrl + ; to get current date
Custom format d = 7 or 17 dd = 07 or 17 ddd = sex dddd = sex-feira

File > Options > Advanced > Edit Custom Lists > Import To program an autofill list feature where other names are filled in after

Fill > series > weekdays > step: 5 Gets you Jan 1, Jan 6, Jan 11

Format number for dates gives you # of days since 1-1-1900

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting > Top/Bottom > Bottom 10% Green light to 20% best; Red 20% least; Yellow to middle Conditional Formatting > Icon Sets > Lights Conditional Formatting > Manage rules Green > 80 percent Yellow < 80 percent but > 20 percent Red =OR(Month($A3)=11;Month($A3)=12) - Where A3 is the title cell like “Birth Date”

Make all lines with Dog the color blue Conditional Formatting > New Rule > Formula to determine which cells to format =$B4 = “Dog” Formal > Fill > Blue

Color in red dogs born on Wednesday =And($B4 = “Dog”; weekday($F4)=3)

Color in red dogs born on Wednesday or Thursday =And($B4 = “Dog”;Or(weekday($F4)=3; Weekday($F4) = 4))

= Iseven(Row(1))


Cell style > Right – click > Modify

Ribbons + Developer Record Macro + use relative reference (do something) stop recording

Developer > Insert Combo Box > Right click > Format Input Range Cell link

Editing and Proofing

File > Options > Language > Add additional language
Change screen tips to help with foreigners

Symbols Insert > Symbols > Subsets Date in cell > Home > Date > More format options Date > Home > Date > More form > Custom > [$-40>]dddd


Data > Consolidate > Use labels in top, left > Add Select reference you want to use

NPV Click Fx > Search NPV Rate = 5% Value = E46:E81 (First Column) Drag to the right

IRR Click Fx > Search IRR Enter > Result > Change format to % > Drag to the right

Project w/ IRR over 10% summing NPV Click Fx > Search Sumif Range: E84:AA84 (IRR row) Criteria: “>10%” Sum Range: E83:AA83 (NPV row) > OK

Add Solver Add-In File > Options > Add-ins > Manage Excel Add-in > Go > Solver Add-in

Issue Bonds to raise debt (2015) Bond Issue date: 1st Jan 2015 Maturity: 31st Dec 2015 Coupon: 5% Redemption Value: 300

Solver (Yield) Set objective: Raised cash Value of: 15750 (cash needed to invest) By changing variable cells: Yield % cell Solve

Ctrl + adds a column in between rows =Concatenate (Last name, “ “, A6) Gets last name + first name together

Rule hires manager average score > 10, aspect 10 > 15 =If(And(Average(First row) > 10; Cell w/ value) > 10 > 15) If true; Hire | If not, Don’t Hire
LV – Value table (in table, ID # for grade) Table array – All table (other table w/ numbers) Col Index + 1 is Which column you find it in Range lookup is 0 if exact match, 1 check closest value

*Do for FIRST value of table then pull formula down*

NetworkdaysINTL How many days between ____ and ____ NetworkdaysINTL(A4;A5;4) 4 if Tues, wed, holidays

SLN To compute depreciation of car Initial: $125,000 Life: 4 years Salvage: 50,000 =SLN(125,000,50000,4)

Merge cell styles Between two templates Cell styles > Merge cell styles

Catch data from Access files/Web Data > Get external Data > Import If anything changes in original, click refresh Also do = (click cell in other excel)

Unlock cells/Lock cells Review > (select range of cells) > Protection Formal cells > protection > Locked/Hidden Allow users to edit range: Refers to cells (select) + ______ Track changes
File > Inspect workbook > Check for issues > Inspect Document Unprotect and unshared work before inspecting errors

Merging workbooks File > Options > Quick access toolbar > Compare and merge > add Click green button top left

Charts Insert > Chart Design > Select Data Right click bar, add trend line Right click > format data series (secondary) Right click > save as template Design > move chart

Sorting Home > Sort and filter > Custom sort Division Values A-Z Team Values Small-Large Insert pivot table > Choose fiels right Put unit price in value box (average price) Pivot tool options > Insert slicer

Creating relationships Select all > Powerpoint > Create link table Table > Relationships > Create relationships

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