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Just write about why you are applying to TFA. Why do you want to spend two years teaching low-income students in urban or rural communities? What life experiences have led you to apply?
Teach for America Essay help request
Sorry for the long post! Okay, so I have rough drafts of both my essays for teach for America done! I have to revise them like tonight because the application is due Friday. But if you have a moment, look them over and let my know what you think. Ideas on how to trim them down to five hundred words would be very helpful. the first is a letter of intent, the second an essay about my greatest accomplishment in the past four years.

I hope to join Teach for America for what seems like a simple reason: I want to teach. Specifically, I want to teach middle school social studies or history. What thrills me about teaching is the constant challenge of finding better ways to motivate students and make learning relevant to their lives. I want to teach middle school because it is a challenging age. Middle school students are trying to figure out their roles in the world and are facing many pressures from peers, society, and their parents to conform in different ways. I want to be a supportive mentor for children at that difficult point in their lives. I want middle school to be a pleasant experience instead of the bad memory it is for many people.
This is much the same thing that motivates me to teach history: I hated history classes when I was in middle school. History seemed so irrelevant, all about dead white men. When I went to college, I started learning that there are many histories to be told and many are left out. For example, I learned about the history of racism in the United States and suddenly I was able to more fully understand my position of privilege as a white person in this society. I started to history as a way of framing the...

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