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Teacher Development Cutbacks

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Teacher Development Cutback Paper
Teresa Atuatasi
Argosy University-Hawaii
Models of Professional Development
Dr. Carole Freehan
March 08, 2014

The cuts in professional development (ProD) will affect the educational system, especially teachers and students. Professional development keeps teachers abreast with the skills, pedagogies, and research-based practices needed for effective teaching and to improve student performance. Valuable learning opportunities that teachers attain through (ProD) are essential for educators to grow professionally. This learner has participated in numerous professional development activities, courses, and workshops where opportunities of action research, training, study groups, conferences, and coaching just to name a few were provided. Learning definitely occurred and assisted in professional learning and educational needs to be more effective in teaching students, helping teachers, developing plans, and practice professional skills. Cutback in professional development will have a great impact on the education of students. Teachers will lack skills critical for effective instruction, “actions that will harm the quality of teaching and learning” (Wasley & Hirsh, 2010). The infusion of professional learning during the school day that has been practice by some schools was quite interesting to read about. Collaboration amongst leaders and peers establishes trust vital for productive planning and decision making of school needs. Professional development helps teachers help students and keeps both updated on new research, developments, and advance technology. The importance of ProD is many, but the main focus is to ensure that students are given the opportunity to learn and succeed.
Wasley, P., & Hirsh, S. (2010, July). Teacher development not...

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