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Teacher Intervierw and Observation


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Teacher Interview and Observation on Lesson Implementation
Theresa Flournoy
University of Phoenix/Axia College
EDU 310

At 1:00 p.m. I entered into Evoline C. West Elementary school on Thursday, July 12 2012 for an interview with Mrs. Yolanda Lawrence. As I entered the classroom, I was greeted by Mrs. Lawrence, the head teacher in this classroom. Mrs. Lawrence has no assistant at this present because of it being in the summer. After I entered into the classroom, the entire class welcomed me with “hello Ms. Flournoy”. It made my day to see all of those smiley faces greeting me. This was a 2nd grade classroom which consisted of 17 students of which 8 were girls and 9 were boys. This interview and observation was a total of 2 hours long. During the observation of Mrs. Lawrence classroom, I noticed how the students flocked under Mrs. Lawrence as she started reading one their favorite books before they did their afternoon lesson. For some reason I got an excitement about doing this interview.
My Observation of a Lesson Plan Once the story was over, Mrs. Lawrence had the students to go back to their desk because Math class was getting ready to begin. Mrs. Lawrence reminded the student that they would continue with their study on multiplication as they have been doing for the past two weeks. Mrs. Lawrence listed math objective on the chalk board and manipulative on the back table. When the lesson begins, the students are in a large group and then they moved to small groups/centers. Mrs. Lawrence began the lesson by asking the students who can tell her what multiplication means. After a couple of students burst out the answer, Mrs. Lawrence raised her hand which meant to the students to lower their voices and raise their hands for the answer. I noticed that that was her management strategy in her classroom.

After this Mrs. Lawrence had the

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