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Teaching and Learning

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The main aim of this report is to identify the teaching strategies used to teach the topic Partnership in O’ Level Business studies and to evaluate how much students have understood the content by using those strategies. The results will then be compare with the accepted learning theories and evaluate the answers given by the students to check how appropriate the strategy was. To conclude the report, suggestions of different new strategies that could be used to enhance students understanding in this concept will be highlighted.
The main aim of any teacher would be making the students understand what is being taught. In a classroom there will be students of different cognitive levels, each of them will have a different method of acquiring knowledge.
Learning is a change in an individual caused by experience (Slavin, 2000), the teacher should be able to identify how individual students learn and develop further understanding, after evaluating the students learning method it is very important that the teacher provide learning opportunities that support the academic and personal development of the child.
To provide students with learning opportunities teachers could use different teaching techniques. They can use Cooperative learning strategies in which students work in small mixed-ability groups (Killen, 2007). E.g. problem solving in groups or group investigations; where the teacher will only be a facilitator to provide assistance and the necessary materials and instructions. Moreover teachers can use role plays, PowerPoint presentations etc… to enhance students understanding....

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