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Teaching Business Ethics and Environmental Responsbility, Using Hinduism as a Tool.

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Teaching Business Ethics and Environmental Responsbility, Using Hinduism As A Tool.

The crux of Hinduism is to revere nature in all its forms as they are considered to be manifestations of God himself. Even humankind is understood to be a composition of elements of nature and therefore maintaining a symbiotic relationship is essential for self preservation which is reinforced through the theory of karma which lays heavy emphasis on one’s action and corresponding rewards and punishment and therefore establishes adverse consequences to negative acts of destruction and depletion. The current paper proposes to use these basic tenets of Hinduism to teach business ethics to students through examples and validations from the Hindu texts and scriptures.
This combination would help bring to class a synergetic combination of theology and business management where students shall find essence and a deep sense of association between the theological thoughts and their commercial applications.

Key Words: Business Ethics; Hinduism; Management application; Education.

Research Type: Concept Paper

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Dr. Ruchi Tewari; Assistant Professor;
Amrut Mody School of Management (Ahmedabad University)
Navrangpura; Ahmedabad – 380058 (India)
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Human development has been over-zealous and has in the process been ruthless in the exploitation and callous about the preservation of the few basic elements on which scientific research and development and economic prosperity has been based. Exertion of rights over elements of nature has been rampant and often thoughtless, devoid of a sense of responsibility. This has led to an imbalance in the forces of nature leading to a well nigh dysfunctional…...

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