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Teaching in a More Powerful Manner

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Teaching Math in a Powerful Manner

There are various ways to teach children math in a more powerful manner. Teachers need to understand that all children are unique and learn in various ways. In order to teach to the best of our abilities we need to teach them in the way they learn best. We also need to be sure that we are not lecturing our class. Lecturing a class is not teaching them, it is telling them what they need to know. We need to be sure that our teaching is intentional and relevant. If we want our students to do the best they can in our classroom then we need to teach in a more powerful manner. All children were raised differently and will learn math differently. It is our job as teachers to learn as much as we can about our students and their learning style preference. Some children prefer listening and some children are visual learners. Other children may prefer a tactile experience in the classroom. “Teachers must remember that while there are preferred input and output modalities, all children still need to develop their non preferred modalities. All these modes of input and output need to be used during lessons so that each child has the opportunity to use his or her strength and modality” (Tucker, 2006). It is our job to assess our students. We need to get to know them make sure that they know we care about them. We also need to be sure that our students know that we care about them and want them to succeed. When our children know that we have high expectations for them they are more able to reach our expectations. We also need to know what our students know and don’t know about the subject that we will be teaching. “The teacher must take note of what each student does know and does not know and the contexts in which each student can do what is required as well as those in which the student cannot do what’s required. This information can...

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