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Teaching Methodologies

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Topic: "Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; it comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” Explain why you agree with this statement and how it relates to a health education teaching experience. I had my first experience with a teacher at the age when I did not even know what the word “teacher” meant. I was 4 years old at that time. I still have blurred memories of a woman who used to show me flash cards every day so that I could recognize and identify different colors. She used to make me count beads on abacus so that I can get familiar with counting methods. As I grew up I moved from play school to an elementary school. This was the beginning of my formal education. The kindergarten years were still as joyful as I could still play with my abacus and listen to fairy tales. However, my schooling experience began to grow dreadful as I moved to higher grade levels. My classes not only began to get boring, but also they became difficult to tolerate. I remember killing time by scribbling at the back of my exercise books while my teacher thought I was taking notes. It was not that I did not want to study any more. I was always very ambitious about learning. However, for some reason it was very difficult for me to focus and figure out what my teacher was trying to explain. My parents and the principal thought that I was a below average kid who is least bothered about het academics because they had employed the best teachers in the town. I do not know what exactly their definition of the “best teacher” was, but yes - they were all well educated and qualified. Nevertheless, I never enjoyed their classes. It was in my high school, when I got the answer about why their classes failed to attract my attention. In my high school years, my grades saw a sharp improvement. I started to enjoy schooling again – and this time I knew why. Unlike my elementary...

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...method do you prefer as a teacher? Reasons for choosing that method. Why not other methods? Ans: Method means a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps). Method of learning a language means doing some set of activities by which a learner can learn a language very well. Methodology means a body of practices, procedures, and rules used by those who work in a discipline or engage in an inquiry. There are many methods of teaching a language with different approaches. It is really difficult to choose any particular method. Because each of them has different sides and we cannot ignore any of them. To me it was really difficult to choose a method. Because I think the method which will successful is also depend on the type of the students. In a class there are many students. They are different from one another. In our class we have learnt about many methods of teaching a language. They are- * The Direct Method * Grammar Translation Method (GTM) * Audio Lingual Method (ALM) * Presentation, Practice and Production Method (PPP) * Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) * Community Language Learning (CLL) * Silent Way * Total Physical Response (TPR) To learn a language we almost use every method. Example- when we start learning a language we do everything in the target language. We cannot use any other language in the class. Sometimes we avoid the rules and give emphasis on the......

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...values in the society in which he lives. In connection with this, effective teaching plays an important role in order to absorbed knowledge. The difference between the terminal performance of the learner and his/her base level performance is normally attributed to effective teaching by means of teaching methodologies use by the teacher. Teacher factor is one of the strongest determinants of successful learning that contribute to the study habits of students. Study habits and teaching methodologies performed a very important role in the learning process. Through the advancement in our technology some changes occur in teaching procedures, the help of printed materials learning become complex. The skill in selecting methodologies in the context of certain lesson is critical. The teacher has mastered this ability through sharp and intensive observation of how students learn. Choosing on what teaching methodologies to be used can contribute on the study habits of the students. It is expected that when teachers used the best teaching method, students might study lessons easily. Psychologists and educational experts are aware of this situation and use their knowledge about learning, about techniques and procedures to study and apply it to teaching process. How can we obtain learnings by means of study habit? Salandanan (2005) asserts that, “[i]t includes the teachers’ to implement a particular methodology in presenting a lesson” (p. 50). Formulation of instructional......

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...Approach: Within the teaching method framework, the approach is constituted by those theoretical principles on which the curricular design is based (Richards and Rodgers, 1986). Thus, an approach is usually understood as the body of linguistic, psychological and pedagogical theories which inspire the teaching practice. Stern (1983: 43-50) refers to foundations/theoretical assumptions and to a level -interlevel- between theory and practice where the educational linguistics theory and research take place. Curricular design: A new term which substitutes both programme and syllabus as old limited references to contents and bibliography. Within Richards and Rodgers’ outline (1986), the design includes objectives, linguistic content, activities, learner roles, teacher roles, and the role of instructional materials. According to Stern (1983: 43-50), the practice level of a “general model for second language teaching” includes methodology -objectives, content, procedures, materials and evaluation of outcome- and organization; thus, the term methodology includes design and procedures. Curriculum: As defined by Nunan (1988), it comprises the principles and procedures for the planning, implementation, evaluation and management of an educational programme. Method: This general term includes the approach, design and procedures in Richards and Rodgers’ model. Methodics and Method analysis: Terms used by Halliday, McIntosh and Strevens (1964) and Mackey (1965), respectively, in......

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...Name Instructor Course Date Summary The article to be summarized is titled From Data to Theory: Elements of Methodology in Empirical Phenomenological Research in Practical Theology1 it is authored by Hans-Günter Heimbrock. He indicates that practical theologians have initiated investigations and scientific researches that are associated with faith and religion. These theological studies have been made possible with the increase social science methods, which are being applied by the researchers to indicate the theological knowledge that can be used in social dynamics, contexts and conditions related to the religious life. Pastoral works have these studies to thank as they help them in conducting their works effectively. Heimbrock also instigates that the there has been a growing interest for theological studies ever since the introduction of the scientific methodology in theological work. The methodologies have increased the criteria and the standards of theological studies that can be used in the empirical research. The aspect of religion can be understood through the implication of religious research that is being increased through the means of social scientific instruments. Different aspects on religious studies and scientific methods can be applied in these studies. However, this paper will scrutinize some of the methodologies that can be applied in understanding the empirical side of religion through the stimulation of the correct standards of discussions and......

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...Research Methodology This chapter presents the methods and procedure used by the researcher in the analysis of the study. RESEARCH DESIGN The survey method was used to gather the necessary data where the questionnaire techniques was used as main tools in the study.This method was used because it was designed to gather information about people and perceptions.The principal aim of using this method is to describe the degree of perception,as it existed at the time of the study. Moreover,the profile of the respondents and the data gathered were being analyzed,after which the results were described and interpreted accordingly. Subject of the Study Globalization has raised the salience of corruption as an area of academic study. The Workshop on the Study of Corruption aims to bring together faculty interested in the issue from across the University. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to, the emergence and spread of corruption in societies; the association of corruption with economic liberalization; the globalization of corrupt practices; culture and corruption; retail (individual) and wholesale (institutional) corruption; transparency and corruption; lobbying and corruption; anti-corruption activism and reform efforts; and anti-corruption as a business model. The workshop meets once per semester over lunch in a small group of about ten. Each meeting is led by a Harvard faculty member who is engaged in research or teaching of corruption-related issues. Typical......

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Jeff your job. When you are a teacher, the other teachers are your colleagues. When you work as a cashier at 7-11, the guy at the deli counter is your colleague as well. Comprise - to include or contain: The Soviet Union comprised several socialist republics. Phenomenon – a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable: to study the phenomena of nature. Publication - the act of publishing a book, periodical, map, piece of music, engraving, or the like. Retain - to keep possession of. Social – pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations: a social club. tend - To have the care of; watch over; look after: tend a child. Various - Being more than one; several. CHAPTER III Methodology The researcher gathered data from its respondents by using Analytical method on the data presented.We can use also use Descriptive Method because we have to describe every detail of gathering data. The questionnaires were given to thirty (30) selected students. They were asked to fll-up the survey forms in their most honest way. They were able to answer the ten (10) simple questions in 10 minutes and immediately handed over to the researcher the questionnaires. The researcher thanked them to their utmost cooperation and understanding. Formula: Total no. of respondents who answered yes or no X100=percentage Total no. of respondents C. Questionnaires 1. What is your gender? 2. Do you have facebook? ......

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