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Teaching Practice
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Monday 13 April 2015
Having attended Mr. Ebrahim’s presentation I have learnt that as teachers you will need to be improvise as lessons will not always go as planned. I will also need to be flexible in the sense that I will need to play different roles when I become a teacher eg: a nurse if a learner gets hurt. Mr. Ebrahim has been a teacher for 27 years so far n I have learnt that you will only get to know how to teach and handle your students through experience, so get to know who your students are and what their problems are this will help you decide how to approach them also get them to participate in the lessons gain the students trust n respect and in return they will respect you. Often it is the students with the behavior problem that have domestic and or personal issues so try and unpack and get them to talk about it and you might see a big change in them instead of shouting at them or sending them to detention. Mr. Ebrahim also mentioned that you should always be prepared for the lessons as students will notice that u are unprepared and take advantage.

These are a few of my strengths I am good at listening, working alone, getting tasks done, reliable, determined to achieve goals, like to be prepared. I really like structure and being organized.
Gaining more confidence is a change and learning to project my voice.
I think I have these strengths because I am now 26 years old I have studied before and worked for 4 years that I know who I am and what I want. I am now more driven to achieve my goals and have a better understanding of life and what is important.
As to the challenges for the future my mother was very strict on discipline. I ended being a bit shy and never speaking out of turn or being loud.

Wednesday 15 April 2015
I really loved this session with Dr…...

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