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Teaching Proposal

Learning Needs Assessment

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE LEARNERS: This group is made up of parents, siblings, and extended family members of clients diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorders. The learners are all English-speaking and consist of various age groups from the mid 60s to the early 20s. Each learner is presently living with or has lived with a child diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

WHAT CLIENTS ALREADY KNOW: This group of learners knows the difficulty and frustrations involved in living with a child with OCD. They have experienced the feelings of guilt and shame, along with the anger and distress while attempting to adjust to the child’s behavior and know that this response is not a healthy reaction.

WHAT CLIENTS NEED TO LEARN: This group needs to learn that there are healthy ways to deal with a child with OCD. They need to learn methods of reducing their feelings of frustration and guilt. They need to learn that it is not a sign of weakness to seek help.

Purpose and Client Learning Objectives

PURPOSE: The purpose of this client-education activity is to teach parents, siblings, and extended family members methods to identify healthy and effective ways of coping and living with a child diagnosed with OCD.

LEARNER OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of this activity, the learners will be able to: (1) recognize that the family members themselves are not responsible for the illness; (2) accept that the child’s progress is not in their control; (3) recognize that taking care of one’s self usually helps others; (4) recognize that seeking help is not a weakness.

Client Methodology & Setting for Client Health Teaching

METHODOLOGY: The teaching content will be presented using PowerPoint presentation and dramatizations.

SETTING: The setting will be in a classroom at Banner Behavioral Health Hospital.

Content of Health Promotion Client Teaching

ABSTRACT: When a child is diagnosed with OCD, all members of the family are greatly affected. In addition to dealing with the daily disruptions of the disorder, family members must also deal with their own reactions, which may include anger, guilt, shame, and frustration. Coping strategies will be discussed – journaling, exercise, attending support groups, relaxation techniques. Local and national resources for group participants will be presented.

Content Outline

“Coping with OCD”

I. Family Affair Cindy a. Emotional reactions b. Understanding OCD c. Dramatization

II. Working Through the Process Michelle d. Myths and misconceptions e. Taking one day at a time f. Dramatization

III. Taking Care of One’s Self Cindy g. Keep up outside interests h. Physical activity i. Volunteer

IV. Know When to Get Help Michelle j. Remove the obstacles k. Reach out for support

V. Community and National Resources Cindy l. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
Samaritan Behavioral Health Center
7575 E. Earll Drive, Scottsdale, AZ
2nd & 4th Thursday 7-9 p.m. m. OCD For Adolescents
Day Spring United Methodist Church
1365 E. Elliot, Tempe, AZ
4th Monday, 7 p.m. n. International OCD Foundation Client-Teaching Evaluation

At the end of the presentation a short quiz will be provided to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching and the clients’ learning. Questions such as, “It’s okay as a family member to shut off my own emotions in order to accommodate the person with OCD. True or False?” “The only way my life can get better is if the person with OCD gets cured. True or False.” “What are some things as a family member that you can do to manage your stress in dealing with OCD?”

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