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Teaching Styles and Technology

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Ashley Hunter
Eng. 1102
1 November 2012
Technology and Teaching Styles
The concept of the newer technology is to improve the work done in classrooms and to give you a faster and more efficient way to research information without putting in that much work while still putting in your own ideas and thoughts. Today’s society use technology to handicap them, even in the classroom today. My question is will the different type of teaching styles used with or without technology affect students today? I believe yes, because technology is already making students lazy with just simply listening to music, doing research and other assignments done on the computer, and incorporating computers in the classroom setting will just hinder the students in the long run when it comes to knowing the information on paper.
Think quest, an organization that studies the educational system of America in the colonial and post-colonial time period and author of the article American Elementary Schools in the early 1900s says the first formal school appeared in the 1630s. Boston Latin School was opened in 1635, and is considered to be the first town-supported school with a continuous history (par.1). In the middle colonies, such as Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, education was left to the governor and church groups (par.1). The rich children in the South had tutors that were from England. It wasn't hard to become a teacher, anyone who could read or write was allowed to teach, as long as they believed in the Church (par.2). The teaching styles in the 1900 were really strict, the boys and girls did not attend the same class, and if the kids were to act out of place or be disruptive they were to beat by their teacher, this was the teacher way of disciplining the child (par.4). Also during this time the classroom setting was no more than 20 to 30 students per grade…...

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