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Research Paper

You are to write a research paper about an approved topic in the field of Information Technology (IT) Management, preferably in the area of Database Systems. The topic must be of current interest to the IT professionals. The deadline for the topic approval is September 20. You must turn into me one page (single-spaced) ‘Abstract’ of your paper by that date.

A partial list of journals which publish articles pertaining to the IT area is attached. These publications are some of the source for your research work.

Your paper must be between 12 and 15 pages of typed, doubled-spaced text, not including your references and any appendices or attachment.

Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero.

Your research paper is due on November 29. It will be graded according to the criteria on the attached page

Suggested Structure of Research Paper

Abstract: Half-page (single spaced) summary of the paper

I. Introduction: - Problem Background -Problem Importance - Purpose and contents of this paper i. Target audience of the paper ii. Overall objective iii. Within the overall objective, the specific issues or question addressed in the paper iv. A precise statement of the content of the paper v. Scope and limitation of the paper vi. Usefulness of the paper - How would the target audience benefits from reading your paper vii. A paragraph describing the organization of the paper

II. Research Methodology - How did you carry out your study (e.g., survey, interviews, experiment, case study, action research, personal experience)

III. Significant prior research

- What other have found or proposed that is relevant to your work...

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