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Team 4 Microsoft Analysis

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Microsoft Corporation
Future Business and Economic Prospects
Analysis by
Team 4

Group Members:
Lewis Bullock
Daniel Fuller
Erica Jaume
Tim Trenkle
Rebekah Vandegrift

Date of Submission: April 21, 2013

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 5 2. Company Introduction 6 3. Financial Analysis 7 3.1. Statement of Cash Flow Analysis 7 3.2. Liquidity Ratios 12 3.3. Asset Management Ratios 13 3.4. Debt Management Ratio 14 3.5. Profitability Ratios 15 3.6. Market Value Ratios 17 3.7. Du Pont Equation 18 3.8. Microsoft to Industry Analysis 18 4. Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) 19 5. Future Cash Flows 22 Net Income before Extraordinaries 25 Net Income Growth 25 Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization 25 Depreciation and Depletion 25 Deferred Taxes & Investment Tax Credit 25 Deferred Taxes 25 Other Funds 25 Funds from Operations 25 Extraordinaries 25 Changes in Working Capital 25 Receivables 25 Accounts Payable 25 Other Assets/Liabilities 25 Net Operating Cash Flow 26 Net Operating Cash Flow Growth 26 Net Operating Cash Flow / Sales 26 2010 – 2012 Investing Activities 26 Capital Expenditures 26 Capital Expenditures (Fixed Assets) 26 Capital Expenditures (Other Assets) 26 Capital Expenditures Growth 26 Capital Expenditures / Sales 26 Net Assets from Acquisitions 26 Sale of Fixed Assets & Businesses 26 Purchase/Sale of Investments 26 Purchase of Investments 26 Sale/Maturity of Investments 26 Other Uses 26 Other Sources 26 Net Investing Cash Flow 26 Net Investing Cash Flow Growth 26 Net Investing Cash Flow / Sales 26 2010 – 2012 Financing Activities 26 Cash Dividends Paid - Total 26 Common Dividends 26 Preferred Dividends 26 Change in Capital Stock 26 Repurchase of Common & Preferred Stk. 26 Sale of Common & Preferred Stock...

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