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Team Based Approach

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Team Based Approach Health Care Delivery
Gretchen DeBose
Grand Canyon University: HCA-515
July 21, 2014

Introduction Health care has not always been seen as something to be described as a team sport. In the olden days, people were seen by one doctors who knew all there was to know about healing and caring for the patient. This doctor probably lived in the community and was referred by other people within the neighborhood. He or she was available to attend to the needs anytime and any day or night. Nursing care was provided by family who would do their best to assist the sick. Health care has changed from the “good old days” and have continue to change the way of caring for patients as a whole. “The clinician operating in isolation is now seen as undesirable in health care-a long ranger, a cowboy, an individual who works long and hard to provide the care needed, but whose dependence on solitary resources and perspective may put the patient at risk.” (Mitchell 2012)

Case Description In this paper, I have chosen to look at how a team-based approach can assist in fighting depression with patients who are diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease. A patient with this diagnosis can complicate their health care needs. Depression sometimes comes with diabetes or heart disease and oft times makes a healthy outcome nonexistent. Doctors and their staff on a team-based approach are in place to find new ways for patients to control their chronic disease and try to assist them to enjoying whatever makes their lives worth living. The expected result is to has the patients feel less depressed, have control of their blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol and have an improved quality of life. According to the group health care research, a nurse care manager will coach each patient, monitor disease control and depression, and work with the...

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