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Team Based Health Care Analysis

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Team Based Health Care Delivery
Oliver Solis
Grand Canyon University
Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Models
March 5, 2014

Team Based Health Care Delivery

The paper that I will be presenting will discuss the latest model in health care delivery that was developed by researchers and medical professionals to come up to a better quality health service delivery to all. This is called the “Team based health care delivery” which simply defines as the collaboration between hospitals, physicians and other medical professionals that will work as a team to provide a quality and excellent care to the patient (American Hospital Association, “n.d.”, p. 2-8)
Patients Case
This case that I will be presenting is a case of a seventy year old man with hypertension that was admitted at the emergency room for CVA (Cerebro Vascular Accident). Upon arrival of the patient at the hospital ER stroke neurologist and the ER physician are the front liners that will see the patient. A nurse should be attending too to administer any medication and apply intravenous solution and of course take all the vital signs of the patient. .The patient must be evaluated within 45 minutes and the first 15 minutes is the most crucial in this case. Increased pressure in the brain should be monitored closely. Blood sugar is also a big factor and should not be neglected because it plays a special role too. Body temperature is another indicator that should not be forgotten to be checked because it is the indicator of the severity of the stroke. Laboratory and imaging should immediately follow all these procedures because time is the essence for a stroke victim and these medical professionals are making a miracle. After careful deliberation and analyzing the results from the laboratory and imaging performed , the team should be able to identify what kind of stoke they...

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