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Team Based Health Care Delivery

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Team-Based Health Care Delivery
Maria Reodique
Grand Canyon University: HCA-515-0101
June 16, 2015

Introduction Health care has evolved and is continuously evolving. The management of care now involves different clinicians to better assess, diagnose and cure a patient. The clinicians evolved from a general practitioner to a team now comprised of Physician’s Assistant, Nurse, License Practical Nurse and Specialists. These health care professionals now compose a team of health care providers that are essential in a patient’s over all health care. The team-based approach is a delivery system that provides a patient an all-encompassing health care delivery system. “ By practicing in a team-based care model, physicians and other clinicians can care for more patients, better manage those with high-risk and high-cost needs, and improve overall quality of care and satisfaction for all involved” (Zawora, O’Leary & Bonat, 2015).

Case Description A female 36-year old patient underwent an annual physical exam. The primary care physician ordered full blood panel. The result showed elevated levels of LDL and ALT (alanine aminotransferase). The gastroenterologist confirms that the patient has chronic Hepatitis B. The levels are not high enough but still needs to be watched carefully. The patient is already suffering from high blood pressure and is over weight. The patient migrated from an underdeveloped nation that includes in its diet high sodium content and fatty foods. Patient is insured and gainfully employed. No religious restrictions that will inhibit any medical treatment from being performed.
Health Care Delivery Team For the case, the health care delivery team will include the primary care physician (PCP), nurse, phlebotomist, nutritionist, gastroenterologist and ultrasound technician and radiologist. The Primary Care Physician is the patient’s primary...

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