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Team Cohesion Leads to Teamwork

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Team cohesion leads to teamwork
The better the team cohesion the better the members of the team will work and perform together in a task. In a team people that work together the best are people that get on with each other and likes one another. Team members that do not know each other tends to change the dynamics of a team because people will change their behaviour by being shy and being reserved and the atmosphere will be tense and awkward as no one knows what to say and how to act around one another.
The team should bond by doing team building exercise which will help them to get to know each other so that they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Team members should also socialise outside of working hours by meeting doing activities such as bowling or cinema or even going to a pub or restaurant. This will help them to get to know each other personally such as their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests.
By doing this the members of a team are more relaxed around each other and they feel really close like a working family. This is good in work situations because the group will feel safer knowing that nothing bad is going to happen to someone as the rest of the team will be there to help and support. Each person in the team will feel that they can contribute to the task both physically and mentally therefore trying to get the job done more effectively and efficiently. This also means that everyone in the team has to take equal responsibility of the task and the outcome meaning that there is no pressure and blame put onto one individual member of the team.

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