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What channel has been used for team development in past 5 years in MPHK?
In 2008, the first year to launch the new training or workshop to all departments we selected four to five staff from each department to join the workshop and train up them to be the departmental trainer by classes and courses. But the result and the feedback from the trainer is not too positive and effectively, because the training for them is so new and they can’t always apply in work to build up the team in the department.

In 2009, according to last year comments and feedback, we decided to add more activity which the trainers get more involved rather just sit in the class room only listen. We start the outing activities, e.g. hiking, one day campus outing, bowling competition, those activities are included game, seminar and team work to achieves the goals, they can learn the team building skills, decision making skills and leading skills by joining the game, seminar and activities. The result and feedback for this year is much more positive than 2008, because the staff the get more involved and can know more and remember the skills and information be the activities. Some of the trainer start can apply what they learn to the department, but not all.

In 2010-2011, base on the comments and feedback in 2009, we still keep on the outing activities two to three times in a year, and selected more fun and interesting place and campus for the trainer which can learn and build up stronger team building skills, also is aim to refresh their team building skills every three to four months. Also, we have a follow up workshop with the trainer and see what their difficulties to apply the skills in the departments and find the solutions.

In 2012, we have been inviting some outside expert to hold a seminar to the department trainer to share their experience and training technique. Also form a group…...