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Leadership Style Analysis
There are a variety of tools that can be used to better understand ones’ core for leadership and power. Four of these tools are how good am I at building and leading teams, leadership style assessment, preferred conflict handling style, and preferred form of power assessment. Each of these assessments gave some insight into each team member’s leadership behaviors and practices, how his or her style correlates into traditional leadership models, and how these scores will help the overall functionality of a team environment.
Leadership Style Melissa’s leadership style leans more towards concern for task (x= 16) over concern for people (y=7). Berlew (1974) states, “a leader or manager who is good at organizing to get work done and who relates well to his subordinates should have a highly productive group and satisfied workers” (p. 22). This supports that there has to be a balance between concern for task and concern for people. Melissa’s score for concern for people was average, being one point away from the high range [High>7, Low 10]. Even though her concern is more focused on task, she still has a concern for people that contributes to her successful leadership. These results conclude that Melissa’s tendencies will be for the accomplishment of the task, with less concern for what individuals have to go through for that task. She might tend to come across direct and focused; however, her underlying tone will be to help others to accomplish the task. Melissa has a combination of leadership styles that resemble what Bass and Avolio describe as the full-range leadership theory (FRLT), which include transactional, transformational, and charismatic approaches (Avolio & Yammarino, 2002). She uses her personality and skills to be transformational as well as charismatic; however, as most respond to reward and punishment, transactional ends up

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