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Team Personalities and Change Management

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This study is mainly a comparative literature review of two research papers which are both looking at Team personalities and Change management aspects within project management. The comparative study is based on research papers conducted by Crawford and Nahmias (2010) and Battilana, et al, 2010). The papers were carefully selected since they were all looking at the same concept of key abilities required to manage and execute change management projects.

According to Crawford and Nahmias (2010), it was important to carry out this study to correctly address the question of who is the best person or profession suitable to manage major organisational transformations. The research was focusing on three people whom were seen as the right people to drive the organisational transformations and are as follows; Project Managers, Program Managers and Change Managers. The ideology was to assess their daily duties and come up with the best suitable competencies required to manage change. Looking at the second paper, Battilana, et al, 2010 indicated that there was increasing substantiation that transformation driver’s leadership features and behaviours determine the achievement or malfunction of organisational transformations. The study looked at three key change activities which are necessary for organisational change implementation. The three key activities are as follows; advocating the importance of transformation, encouraging other team members to support the transformations and assessing the transformation execution.


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