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Team Synergy

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Effective Teamwork
A Best Practice Guide for the
Construction Industry



Best Practice



Constructing Excellence is driving forward productivity improvements in the UK construction industry through a set of integrated programmes focused on delivering process, product and cultural changes.
The key objectives of Constructing Excellence are to improve performance through increased productivity and competitiveness; to improve the industry’s image by changing its culture, developing its people and engaging better with communities and customers; and to engage and take action with individuals, businesses, organisations and industry associations.
This guide demonstrates how teamwork can be an important tool in achieving
Constructing Excellence objectives. Drawing from the management literature on teamwork, together with original research, the guide examines various aspects of setting up and managing teams, with practical examples from the construction industry and a useful team self-assessment tool.
Effective Teamwork was prepared for Constructing Excellence by Eclipse Research
Consultants. For details of how to contact the authors see the inside back cover of this guide. Illustrations were by Gerry Armstrong (

For more information about Constructing Excellence, please see: Or call our helpdesk on 0845 605 5556.


Effective Teamwork




What is teamwork?


Selecting team members




Team meetings


Chairing team meetings


The effective teamwork matrix


Team identity


Shared vision




Collaboration and participation


Issue negotiation and resolution


Reflection and self-assessment


Further reading


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