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Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 The Ripple Effect 3 Companies Goals 4 Long Term Relationships 4 REFERENCE 5

According to Timm (2014), “The ripple effect happens when upset customers tell other people” (pg. 7). The Ripple Effect is referred to the activity that starts from very small point and then rapidly emerges into something substantial. It is very similar to exciting news that is generated by one person and it spreads all over his social network within no time. When it comes to customer relations ripple effect has a great impact, since the word of mouth of the customer works as a ripple effect for a company.
The Ripple Effect
The ripple effect in customer relations is a very sensitive term. It can be highly beneficial if used efficiently or it can degrade the brand within short time. Due to so many look-a-like products and services available in the market today, customer has a lot of option from which he can choose (Timm, 2014). This can be better understood when we consider fast food restaurants. Today, there are so many restaurants that offer the same burger at a price which is quite similar to others. However the augmentation is very different for every restaurant. Creating high value for customers has become mandatory for the restaurant owners now, hence customer services level have raised a lot. People expect the restaurant serviceperson to greet when they arrive and treat them nicely upon every visit. The ripple effect plays an important role over here, because when the customer goes happily from the restaurant, he appreciates the restaurant services and food to his social network. This eventually increases the credibility of the restaurant and people are naturally attracted. However the restaurant that offer good food but poor customer service, often...

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