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Team Work in the Automotive Industry

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Bastian Steppin
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April 2014

This paper focuses on effective teamwork and how important it is for the automobile industry. This Industry is very fast moving and one false decision can cost millions of dollars for the company and can cost thousands of peoples jobs in case that the company goes bankrupt. The carmakers are on search for every cent that they can safe during the research, development, and also during the production process of a new vehicle. Of course, there are different ways to cut the cost in this industry. One way would be to use cheap and low-quality metals, another way would be to use cheap and less skilled employees. However the problem with these two approaches would be that they would harm the quality of the final product. The customer usually wants a high quality car for a low price and also low using cost. Therefore, the idea of using cheap and low quality metals, and also assembling the car by using unskilled and cheap labor, would finally result in the loss of customers and therefore the loss of business. The right way to do it is to find the right balance between price and quality. This right balance is very important for the companies and effective teamwork helps them to accomplish this goal. If a company does not use its resources in the most effective way and also does not use effective teamwork, then it will eventually suffer from its decisions. For example Saab, a company that hat to close its gates for good after ignoring guidelines given to them by General Motors (Merx, K., & Kinnander, O. 2009). Effective Teamwork might have been a solution. If the management of GM would have decided to actually hold face to face meetings with the management of Saab in Sweden, then information would have been clearer and Saab might still be in...

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