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Team Work

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A unit of two or more people who interact and coordinates their work to accomplish a specific goal.

A small group of people with complementary skills, who work together to achieve a shared purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable for its accomplishment.

A team is a group of workers that functions as a unit, often with little or no supervision, to carry out organizational functions.


The process of people actively working together to accomplish common goals

Group Versus Team


Designated strong leader

Individual accountability

Same purpose as organization

Individual work products

Runs efficient meetings

Effectiveness by effect on business

Delegates work to individuals.


Rotates leadership

Accountable to each other

Specific team vision

Collective work products

Participative meetings

Effectiveness by collective work

Shares work



A team created by the organization as part of the formal organization structure.

Teams that are officially recognized and supported by the organization for specific purposes.

May appear on the organization chart.

A functional team is a formally designated work team with a manager or team leader.

Three common types of formal team.

Horizontal team

Vertical team

Special purpose team

1.1 Vertical team

A team composed of a manager and his or her subordinates in the organization’s formal chain of command.

Also called functional team or command team


Accounting department,

HR department

Production department


A formal team composed of...

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