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Teamwork and Team Performance

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Teamwork and Team Performance - Case Study



1. Group Development 3
2. Problem Identification 3
3. Retrospective Evaluation 4
4. Reflection 5

1. Group Development
There are five stages of group development in which a team passes through: Forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. The group for this case study is currently, 1 week before the due date, in both the norming stage and performing stage. They have adapted to the absence of Mike and are motivated to finish the analysis in an effort to achieve a good grade. Each member has completed their part except Mike, who has just handed in notes to Christine. All of the other members have looked past any turmoil of Mike and either adapted to that or ignored him.
Managing a team through these five stages will increase the overall effectiveness of that team; therefore understanding the different stages could have assisted Christine. If she knew what each stage entailed ahead of time, she could have anticipated certain issues or attempted to resolve them. In the beginning Christine should have laid out the group rules, assigned all the tasks, and allowed the members to introduce themselves and get to know one another. I think she did a good job leading them into scheduled meetings; however, Mike was just a complainer about the early meeting. When tension arose in the group, because Mike was upset seeing the group members having a good time and mingling without him, Christine could have focused her effort on talking to him and explaining, in an effort to get him to join and understand the group. Knowing that tension usually sets in at some point, she could have worked it out in an effort to move to the next stage and keep the member on track. We do not know if she set deadlines for notes, final drafts, etc. The week before the due date everyone besides...

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