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Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd university is an upcoming university. With that being said, it is still in the process of improvement and setting roots to become one of the strongest universities out here. One of the ways of improvement is to have a good dining system. Sadly, the location of the university is quite far from the city and no near restaurants to make it easier for the girls to go out and have a proper meal. So, it’s a struggle for the girls of PMU to find alternative restaurants than the one that is currently provided on campus. In this study, it shows how opening Chili’s at PMU can be beneficial. Students can be more focused and productive due to having a proper meal. Chili’s is a highly known restaurant, especially in Saudi. Having chili’s on campus would make their lives easier and would look make them happier to see that the university is listening to what they wants and coming up with solutions to make all students happy. My expectation about this study is to help PMU improve their system and show them how this study can be beneficial for the university not only for the students, but also can be profitable.

Literature Review
During my research, I found a similar case in the University of Western Sydney when they open a restaurant in Parramatta campus. They claim that opening a restaurant on campus, it is a perfect place for corporate lunches or catching up with friends. In our case, this shows that opening a Chili’s could be very beneficial for students who want to catch or even instructor’s that would like to discuss something over lunch. However, opening a restaurant is not easy as it seems. According to an article Lorri Mealey, she confirms that opening a restaurant might see glamorous and fun, but it looks that way due to a lot of the hard work has been done. Being in the food business, it is highly important to grasp the important job roles that running a restaurant needs (Mealey, 2012). Some of those important roles are, Bookkeepers, cooks, and PR (Mealey, 2012). Opening this restaurant on campus wont be difficult because PMU already has people in those roles. Opening a restaurant on campus is extremely profitable. However, opening a restaurant with high paid meals can face obstacles based on the average income of a college student. College students are not in the same level of income, so you might be losing rather than expecting to profit something out of this restaurant. This doesn’t mean opening a restaurant in a campus is be bad for business, but it means a person should accurately plan something that must suits all levels of income, at least half of the population taste.


In this study, I have chosen to make a survey and distributed among the girls of PMU. The reason why I did a survey is to have a better understanding of what the girls want and what would make them happier. Also, having the girl’s vote wont be enough in making a decision. Going through business plans of people who opened restaurants in other campus gave my study a more solid ground. Other universities explained why opening a good dining system can be profitable and convenient for staff and students. Also, articles that talks about how to run a business and the time and effort that is put into. Another thing that added more value to this study is that the samples were random. Main concept of it being random is to have a variety of opinions and taste.

Data Analysis:

This type of data is nominal; it shows the relative frequency of how many students have enough time during their breaks to eat. The graph clearly states that 19 students out of 60 do not eat during their breaks, which is 31.67% of the students, while 41 out of 60 students do which is 68.33% of the students. Clearly the students who do eat during they’re breaks are almost doubled of those who don’t. Of the of course not all students would prefer to eat at the university due to their time schedule, taste, and maybe even medical reasons, such as, allergies, diabetic, etc. This graph summarizes all the data that is in the table.

We see the results of voting to have chili’s open at PMU or not, in this graph. Only 6 out of 60 students disagreed which is 10% of the students while 54 out of 60 agreed which is 90% of the students. From the results itself, it is obvious that this is what the students want. A possible reason for the massive difference would be due to the fact that we have.

This Graph shows the relative frequency of the votes and shows how many students voted yes and no.
This Graph shows the relative frequency of the votes and shows how many students voted yes and no.

Data idetfication : * Ordinal

In the above chart we can see the results of 60 students rating chili’s food. Out of 60, 13 students rated the food excellent which is 21.67% of the students, 26 students rated the food good which is 65% of the students, 18 students rated the food acceptable which is 95% of the students and 3 students rated the food poor which is 100% of the students.

This graph shows the ratings of Chili’s based on the Relative Frequency
This graph shows the ratings of Chili’s based on the Relative Frequency

After, rating chili’s food I also collected rating’s for PMU’s food to compare the results. Out of the 60 students that were asked what they thought of PMU’s food 6 students rated the food good which is 10% of the students, 24 students rated the food acceptable which is 50% of the students, and 30 students rated the food poor which is 100% of the students.

This graph shows the ratings of PMU based on the Relative Frequency and as you can see, the ratings of 4 ( 4 = poor) is very high. This is an indication that the university should take in consideration.
This graph shows the ratings of PMU based on the Relative Frequency and as you can see, the ratings of 4 ( 4 = poor) is very high. This is an indication that the university should take in consideration.

This type of data is discrete; it shows the different age groups out of 60 students who think PMU should open the restaurant Chili’s in particularly. The above graph indicates that 5% of the students in the age group 17 agreed to chili’s, 18.33% of the students in the age group 18 agreed to open chili’s, 41.67% of the students in the age group 19 agreed, 63.33% of the students in the age group 20 agreed, 81%. 67 of the students in the age group agreed, 93.33% of the students in the age group 22 agreed, and 100% of the students in the age group 23 agreed. When opening anything new we must always take age groups into consideration. One possible reason for having such a massive difference in opinions with age groups is because the age groups of 23 have been going to or are more aware of chili’s menus rather than the age group of 17 who may prefer one of the newer restaurants that have opened.

I also collected data on who visits the restaurant chili’s over a period of one month and the results are show in the above graph. Out of 60 students, 4 students visited chili’s 0 times over the period of one month which is 0.00% of the students, 21 students visited chili’s 1 time over the period of one month which is 35% of the students, 11 students visited chili’s 2 times over a period of one month which is 36.67% of the students, 12 students visited chili’s 3 times over a period of one month which is 60% of the students, 10 students visited chili’s 4 times over a period of one month which is 66.67% of the students, and only 2 students visited chili’s 5 times over a period of one month which is 16.67% of the students. Graph below shall show it.

data was also collected about how many students have free time to go and visit the PMU resturant during their free time. 19 students out of 60 visited PMU’s resturant 0 times over the peiord of one week during their free time which is 31.67%, 20 students out of 60 visited PMU’s resturant 1 times over the peiord of one week during their free time which is 65% of the students, 14 students out of 60 visited PMU’s resturant 2 times over the peiord of one week during their free time which is 88.33%% of the students, 3 students out of 60 visited PMU’s resturant 3 times over the peiord of one week during their free time which is 93.33%% of the students, 2 students out of 60 visited PMU’s resturant 4 times over the peiord of one week during their free time which is 96.67% of the students, 2 students out of 60 visited PMU’s resturant 5 times over the peiord of one week during their free time which is 100% of the students. Bascially, the graph summrize everything that was mentioned. * Continoues :

Bin | Frequency | Rel freq | Cumulative | Cumulative freq | 0 - 10 | 31 | 51.67% | 31 | 51.67% | 10 | 12 | 20.00% | 43 | 71.67% | 20 - 30 | 9 | 15.00% | 52 | 86.67% | 30 - 40 | 4 | 6.67% | 56 | 93.33% | 40 - 50 | 3 | 5.00% | 59 | 98.33% | 50 - 60 | 0 | 0.00% | 59 | 98.33% | 60 - 70 | 1 | 1.67% | 60 | 100.00% | total | 60 | 100.00% | | |

Due to the university’s location it is hard to find food anywhere else besides the universities resturant. As students are pushed into buying from the PMU’s resturant it si easy to collect the resturants income, which is seen in the chart above. Out of 60 students, 31 students spent 0-10 riyals on food which is 51.67% of the students, 12 students spent 10-20 riyals on food which is 71.67% of the students, 9 students spent 20-30 riyals on food which is 86.67% of the students, 4 students spent 30-40 riyals on food which is 93.33% of the students, 3 students spent 40-50 riyals on food which is 98.33% of the students, 0 students spent 50-60 riyals on food which is 98.33%, 1 students spent 60-70 riyals on food which is 100% of the students.

Measure of Center, Variacion and shape:

Thses tables show’s the numerical data and how we calculated the measure of center, varation .

Age | | Mean | 19.96 | Mode | 19 | Median | 20 | S.D | 1.583 | Variance | 2.507 | CV | 7.93% | Range | 6 | Q1 | 19 | Q3 | 21 | I.Q | 2 |

Chili's Time | Mean | 2.15 | Mode | 1 | Median | 2 | S.D | 1.338 | Variance | 1.79 | CV | 62.24% | Range | 5 | Q1 | 1 | Q3 | 3 | I.Q | 2 |

Price | Mean | 14.83 | Mode | 0 | Median | 10 | S.D | 16.35 | Variance | 267.46 | CV | 1.25% | Range | 70 | Q1 | 0 | Q3 | 25 | I.Q | 22 |

PMU’s time | Mean | 1.25 | Mode | 1 | Median | 1 | S.D | 1.2436 | Variance | 1.54 | CV | 0.9949 % | Range | 5 | Q1 | 0 | Q3 | 2 | I.Q | 2 |

Ordinal | Chili’s Rate | Mode | 2 | Nominal | Chili’s at PMU | Mode | yes | Nominal | Free Time | Mode | yes |

Ordinal | PMU’s Rate | Mode | 4 |

* Measure of shape: Count of PMU's time | Free time | | | PMU's time | No | Yes | Grand Total | 0 | 8 | 11 | 19 | 1 | 8 | 12 | 20 | 2 | 3 | 11 | 14 | 3 | | 3 | 3 | 4 | | 2 | 2 | 5 | | 2 | 2 | Grand Total | 19 | 41 | 60 |

This is a relationship between the number of times the studants go to the PMU resturant and the people that answered yes/no if they had free time. As you can see, the people who said no, are 8 girls. Thus they don’t have time to go at all. However, the people who said yes, are 11 girls but don’t go to the resturant due to not purfering the food that they serve. In total, we have 19 who said no and it’s a compansition of some can go and some cant. And the rest is 41 one girls and also a compantion of girls who can go to the resturant and the girls who don’t want to.

* Scattor Plot of Price:

in this graph, it is a scattor polt of the price since the price is a countious data, it shows the a lot of the girls would pay much for the food of pmu. Eistmation : * Estimations for Price:

Mean = 14.3
Mode = 0
S.D = 16.35

Z= χ-μS = 0-13.416.35 = - 0.874

From the Z table: Z= 0.1922

* Estimation for “chili’s time “:

Mean = 2.15
Mode = 1
S.D = 1.34

Z= χ-μS = 1-2.151.34 = - 0.857

From the Z table: Z= 0.1977

* The confidence Interval

χ= χn = 89060 = 14.83 χ=14.83 Error ∓2 Sn = ∓ 2 16.3560= 16.357.74=2.11

± 2*2.11= ∓4.22

(1-α) with a 95% confidence Interval

1- 0.95 = 0.05 α= 0.052=0.025

Which making it T= 1.96

(χ-tα/2 Sn < μ <x+tα/2 Sn )

( 14.83- 1.96 * 16.357.74 <μ<14.83+ 1.96 * 16.357.74 )

(10.68 < μ<18.9703)

Nominal Estimation
Chili’s at PMU
Percentage of Success:
P = 54/60 = 0.9
95% confidence interval:
(0.9 – 1.96 √(0.9*(1-0.9)/60) , 0.9 + 1.96 √(0.9*(1-0.9)/60))

Testing of Hypothesis:

Step 1:

h0 : μ1= μz h1: μ1≠ μz μ1= Prices of PMU μ2 = Prices of Chili’s

Step 2: selecting a sample size and α: n=60 α=0.05

Step 3: since σ is unknown, we used the t distribution test statistic. Assuming the population is a normally distributed.

Step 4:

Degrees of freedom = n-1 60-1 = 59
Z= 1.64

1.64< m < -1.64

tstat= 14.83-8902.11=-414.7

-414.7 < 1.64

h0 is rejected because there is enough evidence to support that prices of PMU is not equal to Prices of Chili’s.

Regression: SUMMARY OUTPUT | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Regression Statistics | | | | | | | | Multiple R | 0.703174 | | | | | | | | R Square | 0.494453 | | | | | | | | Adjusted R Square | 0.468496 | | | | | | | | Standard Error | 1.827116 | | | | | | | | Observations | 60 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ANOVA | | | | | | | | | | df | SS | MS | F | Significance F | | | | Regression | 2 | 189.3756 | 94.6878 | 28.36364 | 2.82E-09 | | | | Residual | 58 | 193.6244 | 3.338352 | | | | | | Total | 60 | 383 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Coefficients | Standard Error | t Stat | P-value | Intercept | 0 | #N/A | #N/A | #N/A | PMU's time | 0.576433 | 0.267743 | 2.152935 | 0.035495 | Price | 0.037624 | 0.021391 | 1.758814 | 0.083884 |

Chili’s Time= 0.58 * PMU’s Time + 0.04 * Price + Error

At the end of this project, I realized that how much the girls at PMU are suffering, the location of the university is helping and its risky to leave the university. Gathering enough data to show PMU should consider open Chili’s or any good quality resturant for their studants and faculty. This matter should not be ignored because many studants and faculty stay long hours in the campus without proper food. I hope this reaserch can help PMU to see the catarey of the university is something they shouldn’t over look.

Reference: • Mealey, L. R. (2012). Five myths of owning a restaurant. Retrievedfrom • New restaurant opens on parramatta campus. (2011, 8). Retrieved from •

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Google Incorporation

...I. INTRODUCTION Google Incorporation, so-called Google, allows people to access pieces of information as well as other applications such as Gmail, Google Map, etc. Due to its usefulness, it comes as no surprise that Time magazine addressed Google as the world’s most powerful Internet search engine in 2006 (Lowe, 2009). The more astonishing issue is Google used to be ranked as the Number One Best Company to Work For in America by Fortune magazine in two consecutive years, 2007 and 2008. In addition, Mandell (2011) reported that more than twelve times of vacancies needed were applied in a single week later, followed by Google’s recruitment in late January 2011. Therefore, it can be assumed that Google has created so fantastic a corporate culture that a lot of people wish to be a ‘Googler’. To begin with, working conditions are first discovered. Then communication – the key to every success of staff contribution and teamwork are next uncovered. At last, an effective human resource strategy namely 20% rule is clarified with its potential advantages. V.CONCLUSION In summary, the research is limited in illustrating the enjoyable Google environment vividly. All the same, it comes to terms with the fact that Google is thoughtful enough to offer such a lot of benefits as free gourmet, playful work space, within reach services in plenty in order to fulfill one’s needs. Further, communication varying from informal Friday meetings, “in-house” blogs to whiteboards creates feelings of......

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...In 21st century, there are still few companies practicing the Scientific Management, which was introduced by Fredrick Taylor. One of the examples is McDonald’s. Scientific management focused on getting the right person on the right job given the correct equipment, and it is fully utilized by McDonald’s. The procedures of preparing a hamburger, for example, are simplified and employees do not have to take more than two steps to complete their task. The employees are also required to apply a standard method to complete their task. For example, the French fries are to be thrown away if the cooking time is too long. Also, the layout of their machinery has reduced the wasteful motion of going to the other end of the shop to collect something minor. Another example would be UPS. One of the requirements to become a package delivery driver is to pass a physical and be able to lift parcels as heavy as 70 pounds. Moreover, before the delivery drivers reach the destination, they are required to honk to inform the receiver. The time taken to reach from the truck to the house is reduced by doing so. The delivery drivers are also divided into 2; freight truckload domestic drivers and freight city driver. Domestic drivers delivery parcels to two or more location anywhere in the county while city drivers only pick up and delivery parcel for commercial and residential clients. In addition, drivers are to follow the predetermined routes to the destinations. It is clearly proved that UPS......

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