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Teamwork & Collaboration

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The population of mental illness who seek treatment solely through a primary care physician raises question for concern. Many healthcare facilities and organizations are working on a plan to integrate diverse professions into one comprehensive medical model home to optimize effective patient-centered care outcomes. The goal is to reduce costs, expand the healthcare teams knowledge base while improving patient outcomes. How can the core competency of teamwork and collaboration impact the healthcare delivery system? How can we treat older adults that are more likely to seek and accept psychological services in primary care verses specialty mental health care settings? What are the challenges healthcare providers are facing that impede collaboration? There are many obstacles to face and barriers to cross before health care providers can work together more efficiently to achieve a higher level of teamwork and collaboration.

Teamwork & Collaboration in Health Care

Teamwork and collaboration among health care providers allows each profession to function competently within their own scope of practice as part of the interdisciplinary team to collaborate on shared goals, respect different views, communicate measureable processes for a positive effective outcome, and expand our knowledge base while providing patient-centered care. The IOM stated that: “An inter-disciplinary /inter-professional team is composed of members from different professions and occupations with varied and specialized knowledge, skills, and methods. The team members integrate their observations, bodies of expertise, and spheres of decision making to coordinate, collaborate, and communicate with one another in order to optimize care for a patient or group of patients” (Finkeman & Kenner, 2013, p. 304). Today’s primary focus is the implementation of improving teamwork...

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