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Seminar Report
Security Issues in MANETs
Abhishek Seth
November12 ,2004


problems of secuirity in MANETs. Further sections deals with some of the solutions to these problems. Finally Section 10 concludes this article.

Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) has become an exciting and important technology in recent years because of the rapid proliferation of wireless devices. A mobile adhoc network consists of mobile nodes that can move freely in an open environment. Communicating nodes in a Mobile Adhoc Network usually seek the help of other intermediate nodes to establish communication channels. In such an environment, malicious intermediate nodes can be a threat to the security of conversation between mobile nodes. The security experience from the Wired Network world is of little use in Wireless Mobile Ad hoc networks, due to some basic differences between the two Networks. Therefore, some novel solutions are required to make Mobile Adhoc Network secure. 1


Mobile Adhoc Networks

Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is a collection of independent mobile nodes that can communicate to each other via radio waves. The mobile nodes that are in radio range of each other can directly communicate, whereas others needs the aid of intermediate nodes to route their packets. These networks are fully distributed, and can work at any place without the help of any infrastructure. This property makes these networks highly flexible and robost.
The characteristics of these networks are summarized as follows:


• Communication via wireless means.
A Mobile Adhoc Network is a group of wireless mobile computers in which nodes cooperate by forwarding
• Nodes can perform the roles of both hosts and packets for each other to allow them to communicate routers. beyond direct wireless transmission range....

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