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Technological Advances in Communications

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Technological Advances in Communication
Alicia Camacho Vazquez
October 3, 2014
Glen Providence

Technological Advances in Communication
During my reading of “Superhero in the Cubicle” I found that there are advancements in technology that I was not even aware of. The mashup software used by Hansje Gold-Krueck has me interested on a few different levels. The idea of a software where everyone has access to information that has been filtered to fit their need is genius in its simplicity. As I was reading I did think to myself the only discomfort was the risk involved in so many having access. The same applies to most collaborative technology. The problem in my mind is the same as the solution or might I say the solution creates the same problem. The idea of so many people having access to so much information can be a little uneasy to any consumer.
A pro that I see with mashup would be the ease of use. With the technology being completely “non-evasive” and not having a need to talk to the IT personnel is not only cost efficient but saves a lot of time. I know in my work we have technical issues all the time and there is nothing worse than having to take so much time out of the day to spend on the phone with an IT guy to help fix the problems. So while there seems too many hands in this collaboration for my taste I do like the simplicity of the product. I believe that this could be used in my workplace and would make communication between departments a little faster but with caution.
Wikipedia seems to be on track with what needs to be in the form of collaborative rules. While Wikipedia’s can be edited there are still those in charge that have a handle on the final decisions on these edits. I also agree with the fact that not everything is wiki material and there needs to be boundaries on what can be shared and what information needs to be safeguarded.
Traditional ways of business communication has always been an hierarchy of sorts. The bosses had the final say and made all the decisions usually with little to no input from the workers on the ground floor. With the new technological advances we have today communication between people has made this less so. For example if something is posted on the company site for all to see in regards to decisions that need to be made and everyone is able to make a comment or state their opinion then this opens up so much more information and the pros of diversity and understanding of one another and what the company needs becomes astronomical if applied correctly.

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