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Technological Development

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“Technological development has a positive rather than a negative impact on society.” Discuss.

In the contemporary world, whether or not technological development has a positive rather than a negative impact on society is debatable. Technological development refers to a progress in scientific understanding that produces new equipment and methods. This essay will discuss these impacts which include convenience of long-distance communication, improvement of health and medical treatment and the widening gap between rich and poor.

Firstly, convenience of long-distance communication is an important positive impact caused by technological development on society. It is well known that the continuous developments in telecommunications technology and the expansion of the Internet have made the long-distance communication extraordinary convenience and high efficiency. For example, overseas students can use mobile phones and instant messaging software to contact with family and friends who are living in their homeland. Geographical distance is no longer a major hurdle in human relationships. Therefore, technological development has a positive impact in long-distance communication.

Furthermore, another positive impact of technological development is the improvement of human health and medical treatment level. For example, the average life span of humans continues to lengthen due to the improvement of the level of clinic medical treatment. Many kinds of illness can be cured nowadays so that more the aged have enough life time and energy to spend more time with their families and do things have been putting off for years because of work and many families will not be plunged into sadness because of some kinds of diseases. Therefore, the improvement of human health and medical treatment level is a positive impact of technological development.

Nevertheless, it can be…...

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