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Technological Enviornment

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Technological Environment With new innovations constantly on their way, new products are brought into the market that creates new market genres. In today’s weight loss industry, technological progression continues to open up new ways to exercise, stay in shape and promote great health. Whether it’s a new exercising method, a device to help workout and burn extra calories or a product that assists athletic necessities, companies today must seek out and provide their consumers with the latest technological improvements just to maintain the consumers’ loyalty. The companies that thrive for success in this competitive market often upgrade their products every chance they get along with promoting the product’s latest improvement. For example, the sports footwear company New Balance opened a sports research lab in its Lawrence, MA, facility. An article by Lou Dzierzak reveals: The modern 3,000-square-foot facility houses state-of-the-art biomechanics equipment, office space, a 120-foot running tract, 30 foot by 30 foot court and smash lab. The facility will focus on technology and product testing, innovation research, education and will host customer visits… This lab helps us join together that real-world athlete testing with the biomechanics. And with that better understanding, we can correlate mechanical and biomechanical measures to what athletes are really feeling.
The investment in the new research lab facility provides New Balance with the latest technology to improve their footwear, avoid product obsolescence, certify that its design was well tested and fits the athletes’ needs. Competitors such as Nike ensure their products are current for their customer needs. Jeremey Mullman from “Advertising Age” emphasizes Nike’s success through Apple iPodlinked Nike Plus, “The technology not only motivates runners with music and tracking their pace, but it...

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