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Technological Impact on Higher Education

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Technology Impact on Higher Education
Shoong Wai Kin
Master in Information Communication Management
18 November 2012

Evaluation of Technology Impact on Higher Education The important role played by ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in today’s world cannot be denied by anyone, whether it is in the corporate world, social, home and so on. Technology has changed the way on how universities teach and how the students learn. The advancement and pervasiveness of ICT in the 21st century and in the world today means that many nations have been relying on technology to handle and address many arising challenges faced in the education field. Some literature reviews were done in this paper where we would look into the needs of learners today, what and how they learn, how ICT could be used in learning, the new culture of learning through online learning and virtual classroom, how e-learning was accepted among the learners and what were the barriers to ICT implementation in higher education institutions. Introduction Peter and Hong (2011) pointed out that in the past few decades; there have been great changes in education, especially to those economical advanced countries. The arising issues of massification, internationalization, diversification and marketisation in higher education were brought about by political, economical and social changes as well as the globalization and global economic crisis. These issues had resulted in the increase in the number of students and demands for higher education, the number and type of higher education providers and concerns for its quality, transnational education both as importers and providers, the number of open and distance learning institutions, cross-border academic activities, students and its facilities, the use of entrepreneur and marketing approaches,...

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