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Technology and Communication Paeper

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Technology and Communication Paper
Alloys P. Ceballos
July 10, 2014

Technology and Communication Paper
Technological advances in today’s digital world are in a fast pace development. Almost every year, new technologies or gadgets come out and constantly changing the way people interact, communicate and deliver the basic services needed. Since the 1800’s, police officers armed with gun and nightsticks to perform their duties and include in late 1870’s the use of telegraph and telephones, the installation of police call boxes and the adoption in 1880’s of the Bertillon system of criminal identification and in the turn of century, the use of fingerprinting systems to assist law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend criminal offenders, whatever technological development have made there’s only one goal for these officers is to serve and to protect innocent lives.
The criminal justice system also has to advance in ways to communicate with different agencies because communicating quickly and effectively can positively affect the results of prosecuting the offenders such as gathering and preserving evidences, collecting and recording interviews with victims and witnesses. “Computers have provided police with important technological advances like computer mapping to pinpoint crime areas”. (William Bratton, former New York City, Police Commissioner)There are many specialized and newer technologies that are available in the market and used today by different law enforcement agencies, such as the IAFIS (Integrated Automated Identification Fingerprint System), facial recognition, and mobile data terminals, Iris scan and specialized databases such as the Criminal Justice Information System, offender management systems, and victim notification systems which is link to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation’s National Crime Information System(NCIC)....

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