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Technology and Decision Making

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Epidemiology Paper

Epidemiology has become the method of choice for public health research. The patterns and trends and cause and effects of health affecting phenomena identified by epidemiology are instrumental in predicting risk factors e.g.; development of treatment strategies to prevent or contain diseases. Epidemiology estimates have changed over time related to changes in the definition and diagnosis of diseases. Epidemiology is practiced as a broad scientific discipline that addresses occurrences of diseases and distribution of health status of populations. Integration of casual concepts at the clinical, social and environmental levels will allow faculty to work to maintain an intellectual environment that will facilitate the integration of biological, social and, analytical approaches of epidemiology. This type of environment allows faculty and students to develop the knowledge to fully appreciate the complexities of biosocial system to understand, modify, and use this information to maximum potential. The focus of this paper will be on immigrant/migrants as a vulnerable population with emphasis on infectious disease a major health concern. The paper will define epidemiology and identify steps and methods of the type of epidemiology and examines relationships of illnesses and education related to infectious diseases.
Epidemiology defined Stanhope & Lancaster (2008) defines epidemiology as “the study of the distribution and determination of health- related states or events in specified populations, and the application of this study to control health problems.” Epidemiology originated from the Greek words (epi) meaning upon, (demos) meaning people and (logos) meaning thought. Epidemiology was the study of infectious diseases visited upon mankind. Descriptive epidemiology surveys a population to see what segments e.g., occupation, ethnic group,...

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