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Technology Article Review
Evelyn Barnum
Monday, April 6, 2015
Deatrice Willis

Health Care Experience The famous question, should we welcome or fear new technology? Surgeons can replace a heart valve with a plastic and metal one that unfolds once threaded through arteries. These are repairs that used to be made by cracking open the chest, and a very major surgery, now it is a simple surgery. In recent years cancer meds make the promise of diseases treatable (Skinner, 2013). Technology makes storing all the records in electronic systems easily accessible and highly convenient. However not all new technology is electronic based. So we will look at some different technological discoveries and how they differ from our normal thoughts of technology and still bottom line save lives. Looking at all the studies and ways of technology are important as it makes a difference on how and what the patient needs. Studies show that the category with the greatest benefit is low-cost antibiotics for bacterial infections, a cast for a simple fracture, or simply an aspirin and certain medications for heart attack patients (Skinner, 2013). CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is simply human based and that saves as many lives as open heart surgeries ever have. Not all treatments in this category are inexpensive, things like antiretroviral drugs for people with HIV (Aids) may cost as much as $20,000 per year, but they are still an awesome technology based treatment because they save lives (Skinner, 2013)! The only electronic to patients for these treatments are the lab testing to see if they worked. Technology also includes procedures whose use are beneficial for some patients, however not all benefit from these treatments. Angioplasty is a metal stent and is used to open blocked blood vessels in the heart, is most effective to patients treated within the first 12 hours (Skinner, 2013). There are some patients that get the procedure even when the procedure may not be beneficial. The medical community looks at this procedure as an overall highly effective prevention. Technology in this involves cameras and robotics (Skinner, 2013). Very different from when the only choice was open heart surgery. There are a many procedures out that are still not approved by some Doctors and are not fully supported by scientific evidence. These include expensive surgical treatments like spinal fusion for back pain, proton-beam accelerators to treat prostate cancer, or aggressive cardiac treatments for a patient with advanced heart failure (Skinner, 2013). Hospitals are loading up on such technology. In recent years the number of proton-beam accelerators in the United States has started to greatly increase ("Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center, What Is Proton Therapy", 2015) I am certain that as soon as all the protocols are approved they will use this technology to its maximum. This is why when we think technology we should think it’s the type of technology that is developed, adopted, and then diffused through hospitals and doctor’s offices (Skinner, 2013). This could mean smartphone diagnostics (Topol, 2013), technology to help physicians and nurses deliver the highest-quality care, or even drug container caps with motion detectors that let a nurse know when the patient hasn’t taken the daily dose (Chen, 2015). It could as well mean a simple medication and the right dose to the right patient. For the first time ever we can digitize humans, remotely and continuously monitoring each heartbeat, blood pressure readings, the rate and depth of breathing, body temperatures, oxygen concentration in the blood, glucose or blood sugar levels, brain waves, activities, moods, basically all the things that make us tick (Topol, 2013). While this is awesome and very innovative technology the overall benefits from innovation and technology in health-care delivery could far exceed those arising from shiny new medical devices, and should include all the simple areas of technology we often miss in the technology thought processing.
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Appendix A: Definitions
Proton-beam accelerators- a 196-ton, cancer killing machine that can target a patient’s tumor with sub-millimeter precision while sparing nearby healthy tissues and minimizing side effects ("Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center, What Is Proton Therapy", 2015)
Smartphone diagnostics- Samuel Sia and his colleagues at Columbia University in New York have miniaturized a laboratory-based blood test called an ELISA (for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). It detects biological markers, such as antibodies made in response to an infection. A sample of blood from a finger prick is placed in a small disposable plastic cassette that contains reagents necessary for an ELISA. The cassette is inserted into the test-device itself, which is small enough to fit into the hand of the user and contains what is known as a “lab-on-a-chip”. This, in turn, is plugged into the phone. An app manages the test and after 15 minutes a negative or positive result is displayed on the phone’s screen. ("Medical Apps Smartphone Diagnosis", 2015)
Medicine bottle caps with motion detectors- a medication adherence monitoring system for pill bottles based on a wearable inertial sensor. Signal templates corresponding to the two actions of twist-cap and hand-to-mouth are created using a camera-assisted training phase. The act of pill intake is then identified by performing a moving window dynamic time warping in real-time between signal templates and the signals acquired by the wearable inertial sensor. The outcomes of the experimentations carried out indicate that the developed medical adherence monitoring system identifies the act of pill intake with a high degree of accuracy (Chen, 2015).

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