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Technology Effects on Children

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The use of technology affecting children literacy in writing

The use of technology has affected the children literacy in writing, the children use of technology has significantly increased over time. Writing is an imperative literacy skill, one that is constantly changing with the utilization of technology. Some creative software and other word processing softwares support children with the expressive types of writing. Multimedia platform permits children to compose anything with a PC while likewise expanding their inspiration to writing. Corrections onscreen permit students to alter their work and go from a draft to a last composed item easily (Hawkins, 2010). With the use of word processing softwares like the Microsoft word, students can overcome issues with manual print production, in this way staying away from challenges experienced by a few students when writing with pencils or other manual articles. Another advantage of utilizing technology to suppose the art of writing is the use of keyboard (Hawkins, 2010). Using a keyboard prevents troubles for the students who have issues with fine motor abilities that would ordinarily be experienced while physically composing with pencils, pastels or markers (Hawkins, 2010). They additionally examine how word processing can make the progressions of the writing procedure simpler by means of conceptualizing, drafting, altering and changing. Word processing takes into consideration features like simple removal or insertion of words, paragraphs and sentences (Hawkins, 2010). The use of technology has affected writing by offering features in the word processing like the grammar and spelling checker tools, the copy, cut and paste tool and the online feedback option when composing in emails in terms of attachments.
Hawkins, A (2010). How are Elementary Teachers Utilizing Technology to Enhance Their Instruction of...

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