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Technology: Good vs Evil

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Audrey Runner
Media: Good or Evil? I can remember what it was like to watch television as a child, in the morning while eating cereal, and how it felt playing on my Nintendo 64 and believing that piece of technology to be “cutting edge”. I also remember from an early education stand point that as a class in kindergarten we were introduced to computers, and told we would need to know how to use these when we were older. In reality, I have been born and raised in an era where technology is viewed more as a machine and not as the thriving life source of our community as it is now. Today we have digital technology everywhere; in our pockets, in our homes, in our cars, for some - even in their glasses. We are never too far from our technology or the access to social media it possesses. Social media is taking over our world. Now is this a good or bad thing? My answer to that is it always has been and always will be – there is no wrong or right. Meaning that technology and media in itself has always been progressing and digital media is just another step. Today’s media is in an ever progressing state, and it will continue to grow; such is the nature of media and social relations in themselves. Technology today has given us the ability to interact with one another much differently than we have in the past, it also has reached new heights in our ability to share and distribute knowledge, but one of the biggest problems is that of the generation gap between the technologically savvy and the technologically dim. Media is an ever-changing presence in our world today. It tends to get argued that it is all consuming and distracting, but in reality we as a society choose how to use technology and we decide what technology will do for us not the other way around.
Some people believe that the internet is too distracting and takes away from our day-to-day lives. Rick Csiernik, from...

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