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Technology in Business Communication

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I. Introduction
With modern living and enable progress beyond today's humans, need to communicate, work and study requires the special tools and support to help their modern and innovative obsolescence the expertise that they are. Technology helped them to gradually develop and improve their expertise, access time is shortened and extended over many fields in it, the use of technology in business and continuous development. Business forms and use various means such as web, email, text messages in order to manage, connect, communicate and trade in modern form.

II. Body
The development of human race always bases on knowledge and capable of creative. On last historical period, people mostly do by instinct, with little knowledge, not enough to be creative. Switch to the era of agricultural civilization, people began to have created innovative tools such as farming (plow, plant hoes, and water). However, it took from 4000 to 5000 years after, human began to have real knowledge, be aware to the objective law and entered a new era of the industrial era, the era of the great technical innovations. Due to grasp the objective law, science thrives, especially in the late 19th to early 20th century. More new branches appear as quantum research, nuclear, aerospace, ocean … However, it slowly moves since the 2nd world war, the scientific and technologic achievements were used in military purposes. After the war ends, the world has condition to change scientific achievements into technology. In 80s and 90s of 19th century, technology was developed with remarkable speed. Such as: The first IBM-PC invented (1981), The CD-ROM invented (1984), The first patent for a genetically engineered animal is issued to Harvard University researchers Philip Leder and Timothy Stewart (1988), Windows program invented by Microsoft (1985), High-definition television invented (1989), The World...

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