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Technology in Business: E-Etiquette

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If it was not for certain technological advances with reference to computers much of the global business community would not able conduct business and produce products. In all aspects of business, ethics and morals have to be the foundation but where the rubber hits the road, business etiquette will aid in maintaining high job satisfaction and keep customers coming back. With the vast majority of business operations having a foothold in technology there is a severe need for e-etiquette.

What is Driving Technology in Business? In today’s era of business there would be a severe lack of production if the power goes out. With the advancement’s and availability of computer technology in business, there has been a significant shift in the way day-to-day business operations are conducted. The introduction of the computer and data processing capability to the business world transformed the workplace. Unlike the traditional typewriter, the computer brought with it the ability to easily store and correct documents without having unsightly spots of “white-out”. The usage and utilization of computers, computer systems and information technology (IT) applications in every aspect of business is now routine. Wide-ranging means of connecting to and access technologies with computing interfaces expedite communication between employees and with business partners, suppliers, customers, or other stakeholders. With the plethora of software, production tools and networking applications installed in computers, it enables employees in a business to streamline their workflow and accomplish assigned tasks quicker. “Over a million business presentation are given every day. Business leaders use presentations to communicate to colleagues, customers, and stakeholders in an effort to clearly convey relevant information” (Satterlee, A., 2009, p. 145)....

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