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Technology in Mechanics

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Technology in Mechanics

Nowadays, there has been a significant advancement of technology in mechanics. These advancement made it possible for human being to walk on Moon (kurianjoseph1, 2013). This feature, in turn had created a fact as the powerful of technology.Various technologies surrounding us are helping people to improve their life with more luxury. So the using of technology in mechanics impacts to us positively. There are one cause and two effects why the technology is using. Mechanics is the basis of early and modern technology. According to a study by (B.Cotterell & J.Kamminga, 1992), the advancement of technology in mechanics plays a fundamental role in the study of material culture. In simple term, mechanics can explain how artifacts operate technologically and how efficient or the effective they are. For example, a cooling system is a technology in a mechanics. In relation to this, (V.A.W.Hillier, 2004) stated that the function of cooling system is to remove heat from the mechanics’ engine for keeping their temperature within safe limits and avoid any problems. With the engine combustion reaching extremely high temperature, the heat needs to be dissipated. A cooling system is essential to prevent the engine from burning. Another function of the cooling system is to regulate the temperature inside the passenger compartment and ensure the passengers’ comfort. So, it can be seem that the use of technology in mechanics has become an addiction. Since the technology in mechanics has evolved steadily, hence it provided a new mean of transportation. Transportation means the movement of people and goods from location to another. Transport is important because it enables trade between people, which is turn establishes civilizations. A webpage of American Public Transportation stated that public transportation saves fuel and reduces congestion. The public transportation serves the Americans as a result save 865million hours in travel time and 450 million gallons of fuel every year in traffic jam reduction alone (American Public Transportation Association, 2013) According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the job market for the field of automotive mechanics is expected to grow roughly 17 percent per year until 2020, which put auto mechanic job growth on par with related fields (R.Bashara & D.Media, 2013). Due to the fact that increasing the job opportunities, the field which is business will becomes more profitable with the help of the workers and various advanced machines and equipment. Besides, the national income of countries has also expanded as a result of this. In conclusion, the use of technology in mechanics has the positive effects which are a new mean of transportation and increasing the job opportunities can bring the stunning effects not only to the society but to the country as well. Because of the advantages of modern day technology, we are able to appreciate that which is truly an incredible era of advanced erudition. Technology is no longer seen as a barrier, but as a breakthrough. It brings fresh insight and offers better jobs to those who are willing to take a step towards this future of technology in mechanics.


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